mikrotik rb3011

Q-in-Q MikroTik

Original 802.1Q allows only one vlan header, Q-in-Q on the other hand allows two or more vlan headers. In RouterOS Q-in-Q can be configured by adding one vlan interface over another. Example: /interface vlan add name=vlan1 vlan-id=11 interface=ether1 add name=vlan2 vlan-id=12 interface=vlan1 If any packet is sent over ‘vlan2′ interface, two vlan tags will be Read more about Q-in-Q MikroTik[…]

Port based VLAN tagging (Trunk and Access ports) MikroTik

Add necessary VLAN interfaces on ethernet interface to make it as a VLAN trunk port. /interface vlan add interface=ether2 name=eth2-vlan200 vlan-id=200 add interface=ether2 name=eth2-vlan300 vlan-id=300 add interface=ether2 name=eth2-vlan400 vlan-id=400 Add bridges for each VLAN /interface bridge add name=bridge-vlan200 add name=bridge-vlan300 add name=bridge-vlan400 Add VLAN interfaces to their corresponding bridges and ethernet interfaces where untagged traffic Read more about Port based VLAN tagging (Trunk and Access ports) MikroTik[…]